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Technokolla is a specialized manufacturer of the highest quality bonding agents for the building trade, adhesives for fixing wall and floor cladding materials, waterproofing coatings, grouting, sealants and products for preparing substrates.

Acquisition of the brand in 2011 by Sika, the Swiss multinational, allowed both enterprises to expand and intensify their distribution network throughout the market by widening the range of products and technologies for the construction sector and industry.

The brand's growth and development worldwide proceeds hand-in-hand with on-going research targeted on maintaining product quality.
Solutions able to promptly satisfy even the most demanding requirements of the building industry are created in the Technokolla laboratories each day.

Each product is the result of sophisticated processes, systems and technologies directed towards constant improvement not only of performance and workability, but also the quality of the impact on health and the environment.

Substrates, waterproofing coatings, adhesives for fixing floor and wall cladding materials, fillers and special products for the building sector are the result of values in which the company has always believed: innovation, quality and cutting-edge technology.
Values that will stand strong over time, while keeping pace with the changes, development and requirements of the market.

Building quality

All Technokolla's products comply with the strictest European Standards (EN) when it comes to quality and safety.